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  • 40 US dollars

How It Works

We can shuttle you and your gear to any point along the Katy Trail and Rock Island Spur.  Reservations are required.  A non-refundable $40 deposit confirms reservations (no deposit required for N. Jefferson) and applies toward the “cost per rider fee.”  For example, make your reservation for Sedalia, pay the $40 deposit, and the balance due before or at the time of pick up is $35.


Great local shuttle options are available at each end of the trail that may be your best choice for services.  We are based in mid-Missouri and happy to pick you up in Clinton, in the Pleasant Hill area, or St. Charles and Machens to transport you and your gear to the opposite starting point.  A service fee of $40 was added for the van for the additional mileage to do the pickup.  

Our schedule tailors to your travel requirements.  Contact us to determine how best to meet your needs, whether about the schedule, another destination along the trail, or something we haven’t thought of yet.

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